About Us


Behind the scenes of “My Tasty Garden"


Hélène and Rachel, the 2 Belgian founders, both relocated in Dubai, have never met before! It became immediately obvious that their roads had to cross as they both shared a lot of common interests. The same concern for healthy fruits and vegetables was one of them. 

Knowing what is in your plate can be a bit tricky nowadays, especially in big cities. Finding fresh, tasty and healthy greens easily and at reasonable price can become a real treasure hunt. 

Therefore, Hélène and Rachel decided to apply the following one : « If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself !». Nevertheless, none of them was an experienced gardener but both had the wish to start their own Kitchen garden.

The idea of “ready-to-use-kitchen-garden-boxes" popped and My Tasty Garden was created with the desire to support you to cultivate your own kitchen garden at home.

As mothers they thought growing vegetables and fruits could also become an educational opportunity to encourage our urban children to care and take care of the environment, teach them patience, make them responsible for growing plants and finally... enjoy it! 

Last but not least, this eco friendly project is their contribution to the environment by reducing waste, transportation and packaging.

Have fun and enjoy !